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June 21, 2019 1 min read

For those of you who have visited us recently, you may have noticed some changes happening in our shop as well as to our lunch menu. Our new owners, Annette and Laurie Stock have taken over the Cheese Factory with gusto, and have made some great new additions to the local and handmade products that were already on offer. You will find some of their family's pork, as well as our new 'Denmark Farmhouse Beef' from cattle hand-raised on grass pastures just down the road from us. As always, our milk is sourced from Hick's Dairy on Scotsdale Road, and we have upped our ice cream production and added a few more flavours for you to try. 

Our new menu includes some changes to the platters, as well as toasties and seasonal specialties. If you're down visiting Denmark in the winter, try our new Winter Warmer platter with baked camembert in a cob loaf - definitely one you don't want to miss! Don't be put off by the cool weather, now is the best time of year to visit with stunning sunsets and pristine beaches all to yourself.