Ben and Ross Lewis walking through the vineyard in Denmark.

The Vineyard

Ross and Dallas Lewis purchased the 70 acre property in 1996 as a cattle farm with the intentions of growing “A few Grapes”. With initial 5 acre planting of Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. During this time Ross and Dallas where co-owners of a local supermarket. Over the following years further planting were added to total the vineyard at 18 acres. With the first vintage of Riesling in year 2000 being some few hundred kilos until 2004 the lewis family sold all there grapes to local wineries under contract.

Ducketts Mill Wines And Denmark Farmhouse Cheese was first opened on Boxing day 2004.

Come and visit the cellar door and find out how far "a few grapes" have come!

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