Denmark Farmhouse Cheese

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Pronounced 'Kah - Filly'. A member of the cheddar family, but does not go through the cheddaring process. Creamy & sharp with a slightly crumbly texture. Named for the Welsh town famous for its medieval castle, it was originally a staple lunch for Welsh miners. Excellent crumbled on salads, sliced onto crackers with chilli jam, or by itself! As far as we know, we're the only cheese maker in Australia to make this cheese. 

Hand made with local milk on site. Your piece may not look exactly as pictured. We endeavor to make sure the price is as close to what you chose as possible, but as our products are by weight there will be some variation. We balance this out throughout your order, so some items will be more or less than what you selected, but as a total your order will never come to less than what you paid.